2008 Toucan Wines Estate Zinfandel

(Toucan Vineyard, Estate Zinfandel & 14% Petite Sirah)

(sold out)


Los Angeles International Wine Competition 2011

San Diego Wine Competition 2011


San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2011

Orange County Wine Competition 2011

Winter started out as rainy on the central coast with nearly record rainfall, but quickly turned dry. We began pruning  in January and cut back the head-trained vines to even fewer spirs (or arms) than usual to curb some of the green growth in wetter years. A dry spring saw first bud break on March 14th and I note still no rain in weeks. In April, the vineyard suffered from a few frosty nights and several vines lost their precious young growth. Generally, growth in the Toucan Vineyard was normal in 2008, more balanced than some vintages, and the dry season yielded our first ripe fruit on September 7th and the last of the ripe fruit was picked on October  26th.


The 300 Estate Petite Sirah vines were picked on September 25th. The 2008 Estate Zinfandel was harvested in seven pickings, plus the Petite Sirah, and in each case cold soaked in small fermentation bins and slowly fermented. Each picking was barreled down separately in a mix of 60% new oak and 40% second and third year barrels. Partially combined once ML was completed in December, we did the final blending determined at racking in September of 2009. That final blend included 14% of Estate Petite Sirah for body, flavor and complexity. One final racking before bottling, and on March 15th, 2010 we hand-bottled 271 cases unfined and unfiltered.


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Harvest: Sept 7th through Oct. 26th

Bottled: March 15, 2010

Acid:  .8

Alcohol: 15%

Release: 271 cases (including magnums)




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