2010 Toucan Wines Estate Petite Sirah


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2010 winter rainfall was heavy on the central coast and spring seemed very cool and lingering. When I look back on my records,  it was the most inconsistent weather Iíve tracked. In July, I note that the vineyard was at least two weeks behind normal and that can mean rain and the loss of our crop. The cool weather slowed down the color change and forced extra green growth in the vines. The Estate Petite Sirah developed on the vine long before the Zinfandel, and during the last week of September we were struck with a heat wave that helped ripen the Petite, but damaged much of the Zinfandel.


Toward the end of the heat wave we began night-picking the Zinfandel, and on September 30th we picked all of the Petite Sirah. Rain struck us on October 5th and we knew the rest of this vintageís Zinfandel was lost.


We removed the nets on October 18th, and more rain arrived on the 19th and the 25th. The small amount of Zinfandel we picked produced one of our best Estate Toucanet dessert wines to date. And with the Estate Petite Sirah, we totally lucked out.


The Estate Petite Sirah came into the winery all at once, on a relatively mild day, and on the tail of a 5 day super-heat wave. At 25.5 brix, the Petite soaked up to 26 brix after 4 days of soaking. Once yeast and nutrients were added, another 7 days of fermentation completed the job and we pressed the Petite to three barrels adding 17% Estate Zinfandel to the blend for the first time in our Petite production history. This addition adds depth and complexity.


In 2010, our small number of  Estate Petite Sirah vines produced some of the only fruit made into wine from our estate vineyard. A very small amount of Zinfandel was produced and a little was added to the Petite Sirah at very early stages of barrel aging. This vintage yielded 65 cases of Estate Petite Sirah that we aged in two-thirds new oak barrels and one-third in a second term barrel for a full 22 months. Deeper fruit and intense yet elegant oak, blend nicely to create an estate wine that should age for many years and develop beautifully in the bottle. Inky purple; with lush ripe fruits, and sweet oak - this is again an elegant and beautiful representation from our vineyard. Best enjoyed 2013 - 2020


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Harvest:  September 30

Blend:      83% Estate Petite Sirah &17% Estate Zinfandel

Bottled:    August 9, 2012

Acid:        .816

Alcohol:   15 %

Release: 65 cases produced




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