2012 Estate Toucanet

Dessert Wine

(Toucan Vineyard, Estate Zinfandel)

375ml bottles - Our final estate dessert wine, and arguably our best

In 2012, we completed pruning by mid-February and saw our first leafs on April 1st and bud-break throughout April. We suffered no frost damage, and less extreme weather in the form of wind or excessively hot days. My notes refer to the very dry conditions, but compared to the 3 years that followed, rainfall was fair, but still below average. Vine growth was normal and fruit-set was picture perfect. After selective fruit thinning and green growth removal, on August 4th we netted the vineyard as we began to see transformation in color. Harvest began October 3rd for the Estate Petite Sirah and September 22nd for our Estate Zinfandel fruit, and on October 28th we picked our final fruit of the season for the Estate Toucanet.

I was resistant to picking the small amount of fruit that made up this wine. I had completed fermentation of all the other wines, cleaned the equipment and began looking forward to fall weather. The remaining fruit is what we would call late harvested Zinfandel very ripe and very little on the vines, and the weather had remained picture perfect. Terrie convinced me that we should pick the last of the vineyard and the result turned out to arguably be our best Estate Toucanet ever and our only Estate Toucanet produced without Estate Petite Sirah in the blend.

As it turns out, this was also our last Estate Toucanet production. Once harvested, fermented and fortified, this Estate Zinfandel dessert wine spent 22 months in one 30 gallon French oak barrel before hand-bottling. Only available in 375ml bottles. Download fact sheet



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